In shipping anything can happen anywhere and at any time. In case a master, ship owner, charterer or insurer is in need of local representation, the specialists of NNPC Correspondents are on stand-by to provide all-in 24/7 services for all P&I, marine insurance related and maritime incidents, claims and disputes including: cargo claims, legal disputes, contracts, surveys, collisions, oil spills, crew matters, personal injury and stowaways.

There where and when you need us (24/7)

Sometimes the correspondent can simply assist a master, but often there is much more to be done. Information has to collected, a suitable surveyor or lawyer has to be appointed and the principal needs to be kept informed of developments. It is therefore crucial that a correspondent acts quickly and decisively, mindful of the possible risks and consequences of the incident, the legal position of the shipowner or charterer or for example to ensure the best possible care for a hospitalized crew member.

Providing tailor-made solutions using our professional network

NNPC correspondents maintains a network in the Netherlands and throughout Europe in order to be able to serve their principals in all Dutch ports and throughout European inland waterways. Our correspondents and consultants have an in-depth knowledge of the industry, a legal or maritime background and relevant experience in shipping and insurance. They do not only provide assistance in case of an incident, they also assist the client to assess their risks of his business operations and advise what (additional) measures can be taken to prevent risks and incidents. In-house lawyers and mediation specialists can represent our clients in any negotiation, mediation, litigation or arbitration, if required.

Unique service in all Dutch seaports and European waterways

NNPC Correspondents provides services in all Dutch seaports, the Dutch part of the North sea and through the European Inland waterways. Due to the extensive experience which the NNPC has in these areas we believe we are uniquely well placed to provide efficient and cost-effective service, whether you need an urgent attendance of a surveyor, resolve a cargo claim or deal with a casualty. We’re there when and where you need us.

Why NNPC correspondents?

NNPC Correspondents aims to provide these services in a quality cost effective way by paying close attention to the following:

  • Ensure efficient claims handling and quick handling times.
  • Tailor make our services to meet clients’ requirements and needs.
  • Continuously provide and monitor budgets and cost estimates.
  • Provide fixed pricing based for fixed work (such as preloading and draft surveys).
  • Ensure continuous communications with our principals and ensure expectations are managed and deadlines are met.

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